Wooden Curtain Poles

On this page there are several types of wooden curtain poles including Wood Finished Curtain Poles, Metallic Finish Curtain Poles and Painted Wood Poles. Within each section you will find a pole to fit your budget and taste.  Wooden curtain poles can be left natural or unfinished wood stained or painted then distressed, aged or gilded and highlighted to give a more elaborate look. Finial designs vary from classic ball ends for a clean look to ornamental designs from the 17th Century. For a classic Period look choose a Fluted Curtain Pole or or if budget is the issue there are Cheap Wood Curtain Poles with quality finishes from top Manufacturers available. A wooden curtain pole can come in many diameters and the thicker the pole the more weight it can hold and properties with high ceilings can take a more substantial curtain pole. 

Byron and Byron manufacture a range of Luxury Wood Curtain Poles but there are many high quality less expensive varieties available from the Museum Collection, Modern Country, Advent Designs, Regency and Alison Davies Design. Most of our curtain poles are made or finished in the UK and are taken from sustained and manageable resources