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Price Regency Tumba Pelmet
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The Tumba Pelmet from Price and Company is a great way to create a stunning top treatment for roman blinds or curtains or as a half tester for bed curtains. Available in two contemporary  finishes to fit inside or outside a window recess :

                            Brushed Silver                                                                             Oak

The pelmet board comes with front faschia, sides and top made to your specification and is attached to the wall using L shaped brackets which are provided. Could be used as a half tester board for bed curtains.

The pelmet is also supplied as a Front Fascia only for attaching  to a window recess with L shaped brackets. The pelmet will be cut as a straight piece to fit a recess.

Pelmet board made of composite material.

Height of pelmet approx 9cm

All pelmets over 275cm will come with a joiner


Front Size 100cm, Return Size 20cm.  Size = 140cm

The Size is the Total of the INTERNAL Faces.

 *We recommend 10-15cm returns for a roman blind, 17-20cm for curtains, 30-50cm for a half tester.

**MADE TO MEASURE Pelmet (see Terms and Conditions)


  • Manufactured by: Regency


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