Combining Patterns in a Room

Combining Patterns in a Room

Its always good to have mix patterns — It makes a room look more interesting and allows your personality and flair to shine through.


However, there are some tips to consider before mixing patterns to  the best effect.

Always use different scales of pattern, too many large prints or small prints will confuse the eye. To soften the look, neutral paint shades are good as a background colour or just add some plain cushions or curtains. Use colours that complement each other, stay away from Purple and Yellow together as these colours are notoriously difficult to combine.


Try to use fabrics from different Designers rather than their own combinations as it will look to contrived. If you select curtain fabrics from multiple Designers it will look more natural and more like your own work.  Also try to mix geometric designs such as spots, sripes and checks with large Organic prints


This scheme is successful because the Designer has worked with neutral colours mixing checks, stripes and a couple of complimentary prints on the cushions . Even though there is not much colour there is a rustic feel from the wooden table , leather pouffe and black iron curtain pole


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