Vescom fabrics have arrived

Vescom fabrics have arrived

We are delighted to now be supplying Vescom fabrics for Wave curtains to complement our Silent Gliss Wave systems.


The Vescom material range include acoustic fabrics that will absorb sound thus preventing echos found in large rooms. Perfect for recording studios, kitchen extensions and conference rooms. Not only are these fabrics highly practical but they are beautiful and incorporate beautiful textures with soft neutral colours. Using an acoustic fabric will give a warmer feel to the space. The acoustic fabric range of fabrics include Marmara, Formoza and Carmen.


Other Vescom favourites are semi transparent designs for when filtering some light is your aim but a denser fabric is required. Alernatively take a look at the dim out fabric Iseo and Blackout Bedra. All of these  are available in beautiful rich contemporary colours and most importantly do not need lining. This allows the curtains to look good from both sides and being extra wide means no ugy joins for a literally seamless look.


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