Byron & Byron Swift Double 35mm 45mm Cup Brackets Delano

#Swift Delano Double 35mm 45mm Cup Bracket

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Brand: Byron & Byron Swift
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Swift Delano Double Cup Brackets for a 35mm pole at the back and 45mm pole in front will allow two curtain poles to be fitted one in front of the other. Perfect for sheers and your main curtains. Chalfont blends classic finial designs with exquisite finishes to create a timeless and decorative curtain pole range.

Available to fit 35mm pole and 45mm poles in all finishes. Chalk, Graphite, Limed Grey, Pampas, Sisal and Umber

Sold individually

Extended Cup Bracket 35mm/45mm

Back Pole

Front Pole

Height 82mm



Overall Bracket Length 245mm







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