Byron Florentina 28mm Wooden Curtain Pole Jester Pearlised Cream

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Wood curtain pole set with playful Jester finials in a Pearly Cream finish with gold beaded end.

Florentina 28mm wooden curtain poles from Byron & Byron are made in London using traditional methods. Natural oak woods, light paint finishes and twine are used to create a range of poles with a contemporary almost nautical look and would look super in any setting from a beach house or holiday home to a childrens bedroom and are available in popular Oak shades, White and Pearly Cream.

Provided as a complete set – comprising curtain pole, finials, rings and wood cup brackets.

240cm curtain poles and above are supplied in two pieces with a centre bracket.

Poles can be cut to length if required.

Matching holdbacks, and extra curtain rings available


Curtain Weight - Light/Medium
Pole Projection    90mm  
Bracket Height 50mm 
Length  No of Rings No of Brackets
150cm  16  2
180cm 20 2
240cm 24 3
300cm 32 3
360cm 36 3






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