Byron Florentina Tiara 45mm Modern Gold Decor Modern Ball

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Contemporary Wooden Curtain Pole Set with ball finials highlighted with crystals in a Modern Gold metallic finish.

The Florentina Tiara collection from Byron & Byron have developed contemporary metallic paint finishes combined with crystal studded finials to give you a stunning range of elegant curtain poles for a modern interior style. Each piece is hand crafted and produced using the finest timbers.

Provided as a complete set – comprising curtain pole, finials, rings and wooden cup brackets.

Poles 240cm and over are supplied in two pieces. 45mm curtain poles available up to 420cm length

*Double curtain poles will come with a 45mm front pole and 35mm back pole, end cap finial on the back pole and  double architrave brackets.

 Matching holdbacks, curtain drawrods, tiebacks and extra brackets and rings available.


Curtain Weight - Medium
Cup Bracket Projection   (Back to Centre of Pole)    120mm  
Bracket Height 80mm 
Finial Length 120mm 
Optional Bracket Projections  
Extended Cup Bracket   (to Centre of Pole) 180mm
Architrave Bracket   (to Centre of Pole) 100mm
Extended Architrave Bracket   (to Centre of Pole) 180mm
Metal Bracket   (to Centre of Pole) 60mm
Extended Architrave Bracket   (to Centre of Pole)   180mm
Invisible Bracket   (to Centre of Pole) 140mm
Double Brackets   (to Centre of Poles) 125mm & 210mm
Length  No of Rings No of Brackets
150cm  16  2
180cm 18 2
210cm 22 2
240cm 24 3
300cm 30 3
360cm 36 3
420cm 42 3











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