Dormer Window Curtain Poles

Dormer Window Curtain Poles

Dormer rods consist of swing arms that pivot from a bracket placed against the window and the side wall allowing the curtains to sit against the wall during the day, letting in all possible light and are suitable for attic rooms and dormer windows. Curtains are usually double sided for this window treatment.

Artisan Mini Portiere Rod

Wrought Iron Dormer Rods can be used as curtain poles for small windows Mini Portieres are use..

Price From: £79.35 £75.58

Cameron Fuller 19mm Luxury Portiere Rod with Rings 120cm

Portiere Dormer Rods by Cameron Fuller in 8 metal finishes and in 120cm length that can be cut to si..

Price From: £101.38 £92.16

Cameron Fuller Samples Free

Cameron Fuller iron poles are available in 12 beautiful finishes including tradtional Wrought I..

Price From: £0.00 £0.00

Regency Brass Dormer Rod with Rings 84cm

Brass Dormer Rod from Price & Co with 10 rings. Can be used in dormer windows and attics. Curta..

Price From: £104.78

Regency White Portiere Rod with Rings 106cm

  White 20mm Metal Door Curtain Pole from Price & Co with 10 rings. Portiere Rod..

Price From: £40.00

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