Portiere Hinged Rods

Portiere Hinged Rods

Portiere Rods and Door Curtain Poles are designed to prevent drafts from doors are available in painted metal, brass and wrought iron. These specially designed curtain rods have either rings or gliders and are fixed to the top of the door. The hinged bracket rises when the door is opened and lifts the curtain off the floor.


Artisan Wrought Iron Portiere Door Curtain Pole

Traditional Wrought Iron Portiere door curtain pole or dormer window rod Portiere rods help to keep..

Price From: £129.77 £123.59

Cameron Fuller 19mm Luxury Portiere Rod with Rings 120cm

Portiere Dormer Rods by Cameron Fuller in 8 metal finishes and in 120cm length that can be cut to si..

Price From: £101.38 £92.16

Cameron Fuller Samples Free

Cameron Fuller iron poles are available in 12 beautiful finishes including tradtional Wrought I..

Price From: £0.00 £0.00

Cosidor Rising Portiere Rod Black

This strong door curtain pole will keep out winter draughts and maintain heat in your home..

Price From: £214.94 £179.11

Tillys Solid Brass Rising Portiere Rod with Rings 120cm

Real Brass 20mm Portiere Door Rod from Tillys with 12 rings. Classic Metals Collection Po..

Price From: £321.69

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