Silent Gliss 2020 Roman Blind Track System


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Silent Gliss 2020 bead chain operated track system for Roman Blinds.

Ready assembled to exact size for attaching to blind and fitting.

For light to medium weight blinds up to 3kg

Simple to operate and robust bead chain operation.

All Silent Gliss bead chain operated roman blind tracks supplied with a Safety Cord Retainer

Blind stops at any required height without slippage or the need to lock-off.

Smooth finger-touch operation.

Tape spool cassette pre-loaded with drawing tape for up to 3m drop.

Easy wall or ceiling-fix and removal. Brackets and screws included.

Easy removal of roman blind for washing. 

Aluminium Bottom Bar available separately


Width of Rail   Number of Tape Spools
100cm                   4
125cm                   4
150cm                   5
175cm                   6
200cm                   6
225cm                   7
250cm                   8 


**MADE TO MEASURE (see Terms and Conditions)


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