Silent Gliss 7630 30mm Metropole Corded Curtain Pole Ecru


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Brand: Silent Gliss
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30mm diameter aluminium cord operated curtain pole in an Ecru finish.

Silent Gliss Metropole metal curtain poles are available in lengths up to 6m in one piece. Longer length poles can be joined using a connecting bridge.

Looks like a curtain pole and operates like a track. Smooth and efficient operation using nylon gliders.

Provided as a complete set - comprising corded curtain pole, endcaps, gliders, brackets and magnetic bracket covers.

Finials and midials can be mixed and matched with this range to create your individual style.

Compatible with Wave Heading System - see Wave product details. Also available as a hand drawn curtain pole the Silent Gliss Metropole 7610.

Can be custom bent for bay windows please Contact Us for more details.

**MADE TO MEASURE Curtain Poles (see Terms and Conditions)

Curtain Weight - Light/Medium
Bracket Projection 52mm wall fixed 80/100mm ceiling fixed
Bracket Height 50mm wall fixed. Ceiling fixed n/a.
No of Brackets 1 every 60cm
 No of Gliders 10 per metre

Note: Maximum curtain weights can be doubled if cording at both ends.

Made to Measure items 4/5 Business Days. Tapes, hooks and accessories Next Day Delivery