Measuring Guide

Measuring For Poles And Tracks

The first step is to decide whether you want your curtains to hang from a pole or track, both of which should be positioned 10-20cm above the window and extend usually 10-40cm either side. Measure the total width of the track or pole excluding the finials.

To be sure of the best possible fit, take time to measure your window carefully. We suggest using a metal tape measure for accuracy.

Stack Back is the area where the curtains hang against the wall when they are pulled open. By covering the wall and not the glass, during the day, it allows more light into the room.

Easy Formula

To determine the length of the track or pole, increase the width of the window glass area by 30%. Very full curtains need more stack back then flatter ones, and heavier fabrics will also take up more stack back area. You can adjust the 30% to take this into account.

It should be noted it is generally personal preference and these are only guidelines. Decide where the pole is to be positioned. This can be either on the window frame or above it on the wall or ceiling.

Fit the track or pole before taking measurements for your curtains.

Measuring Guide

How to Measure
When measuring your window, try to measure the window using a steel tape measure, and measure to the nearest centimetre (or convert from inches by multiplying by 2.54). The pole should go at least 10cm (6") over each side of the window , excluding the finials ( end parts of the pole ).

Ordering Tip
All poles can be cut down. If you are unsure between 2 sizes, opt for the longer length as you can always cut it down.

Fitting Tip
Where stated, some poles (usually the longer ones), will come in 2 pieces with a centre support bracket and a joining splicer. When cutting to size, an equal amount should be cut off each half of the pole, for correct alignment with the centre bracket.

Bay Windows
For bay windows please Contact Us and we will assist in every way we can in order to help you measure accurately. We will e mail you a measuring sheet and guide you through it step by step.

If you do not have an accurate way to measure the angles of your bay please Contact Us and we can supply a protractor.

Please make sure to take all measurements and answer all questions for your chosen product and bay shape in order to avoid any delays.

Although we do not necessarily need all the lengths and angles that we ask for in order to physically make the curtain track or pole, we ask for these so we can double check that all measurements add up correctly and there are no obvious discrepancies. We will not make the product without checking for any obvious discrepancies, giving you peace of mind that if a length does not match up to the corresponding cross-measurements and angles given we will contact you to check before making your curtain track or pole.

Window Blind Track Measuring Guide

Inside recess
When fitting your track within a window recess tak e three measurements top middle and bottom. Record the lowest measurement and from this deduct a minimum of 1cm to allow ease of movement.

Outside recess

When fitting your track outside the window recess e xtend the width of the window by 10cm to 20cm. The track should be fitted centrally above the window and 10-20cm above it.

Design Advice

Benefit from our hard-earned knowledge and let us help and inspire you with your choice of curtain poles, curtain tracks and accessories.

Decorative poles come in all shapes and sizes. You can use them to hang simple curtains, or they can look sumptuous if they are decorated, finished with exotic finials.

They are made from wood and metal, finishes in brass, bronze, pewter, iron and come in a variety of diameters and with a large selection of finials at the end.

The material should blend with the rest of the room and look appropriate with the finials.
The main rod should extend the full width of the window treatment between the outside of the brackets; finials usually screw into the end.

Professional Tips
In general the higher the pole is fitted the thicker it should be. For example a 50mm pole would create more impact at a height of 3metres than a 30mm one which could look “lost” Highly decorative poles can work well with plain simple fabrics. In reverse plain poles can work well with an elaborate fabric and will not detract from it.

A pole which contrasts with the wall colour will stand out more. Think of a cream painted wall with a dark coloured pole. A pole which is of similar colour to your wall will blend in more and not be as visible.

Curtain Holdbacks need to be positioned with care in order to maintain the best proportion. For full length curtains fit approximately 1/3 up from the floor.