Silent Gliss 60mm Wave Glider Cord Supplement for 6130/6100/6140


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Silent Gliss 60mm Wave™ Supplement to add to the purchase of hand operated Metrpoole of Metroflat

Simply add this product to the purchase of hand drawn 6130 Metropole or 6100 Metroflat curtain poles to convert to the 60mm Wave curtain system.

Silent Gliss Wave™ 60mm glider cord is installed inside the channel of the track to allow curtains to hand in a simple and continuous Wave. Wave™ is a contemporary style of curtain heading popular with todays trend for modern architecture and contemporary interior design

What makes Wave™ so unique?

  • When completely closed or part open, the curtains offer a smooth continuous wave effect.
  • The Wave™ glider cord is not visible when the curtain is fully closed.
  • The simple yet stylish design of the Wave™ heading means curtains are easy to make up with our special cordless 70mm tape. Sewn along the top of the curtain, the pockets are in exactly the right position for our track system.
  • Depending on the fullness selected Wave™ can be as economical as as a standard 1" tape but not as stylish.
  • When taken down the curtain is flat for cleaning.

How it works....

A special glider cord is contained within the curtain track, - this lmits the extension of the curtain fabric, creating a smooth and continuous wave effect.

Curtain Stacking

When open the Wave™ System encourages the curtains to stack back neatly and straight.

Compatible with following Silent Gliss systems - Metropole 30mm/50mm, Metroflat, Autoglide 5090 Electric Track, 3840 Cord Operated Track.

What the 60mm Glider Cord Supplement Includes

Your Silent Gliss pole/track fitted with 60mm Wave gliders to fit the Wave™ System.

Wave™ heading tapes , iron on tape, draw rods and hooks can be purchased separately.

What the Enhanced Wave supplement includes

Draw rod carriers which are required to insert draw rods and adjustable brakes which stop curtains from springing back and will give a superior finish to each curtain.   We reccomend you combine these with a Silent Gliss draw rod.

Easy Wave™ Make Up Tip 

Count Gliders on pole x 1.2 for flat width of curtain. E.g. 10 gliders x 1.2 = 1.2 m flat curtain width. Place first hook 80mm in from end of curtain. Place last hook 60mm in from end of curtain. Space the rest of the hooks 120mm between.

**MADE TO MEASURE (see Terms and Conditions)

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