Silent Gliss 6820

The 6820 is  the latest pyramid shaped curtain track from Silent Gliss. Available in White and with the Wave system


Silent Gliss 6820 80mm Wave Track - White

White Silent Gliss 6820 Hand operated curtain track suitable for light to medium weight Wa..

Price From: £76.81 £71.39

Silent Gliss 6820 Curtain Track Standard 2C Gliders - White

Silent Gliss 6820 funnel shaped hand operated track with Silent 2C gliders suitable f..

Price From: £58.62 £54.49

Silent Gliss 6820 Funnel Design Curtain Track with 60mm Wave - White

Silent Gliss 6820 hand drawn curtain track with 60mm Wave glider cord suitable for me..

Price From: £78.22 £72.70

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