Corded Curtain Poles

Explore our comprehensive range of corded wooden and metal curtain poles, featuring premium brands such as Hallis Hudson & Silent Gliss. We are also able to supply the full range of Byron & Byron products.

Curtain poles with pull cords are perfect for use with heavy curtains or long windows.

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Corded Curtain Poles
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Elegance & Functionality: The Beauty of Corded Curtain Poles

Experience the ultimate in convenience and functionality with our collection of corded curtain poles. These poles combine the classic elegance of a traditional pole with a user-friendly design that makes opening and closing your curtains a breeze.

Effortless Operation

Gone are the days of reaching for your curtains or struggling with heavy curtains. Corded curtain poles integrate concealed curtain tracks that allows you to effortlessly draw your curtains open or closed with a gentle pull. This is perfect for:

  • High windows: No more need for stools or ladders – operate your curtains with ease, regardless of window height.
  • Heavy curtains: Effortlessly manage even the most luxurious and weighty fabrics with a simple tug of the cord.
  • Accessibility considerations: Corded curtain poles offer a convenient solution for those with limited mobility, or for windows that are obstructed by furniture.
  • Bay Windows: We always recommend corded or tracked poles for bespoke bay window curtain due to their ease of operation compared to traditional rings.

All our corded curtain poles incorporate Silent Gliss curtain tracks, widely regarded as the best on the market.

Aesthetics that Endure

Corded curtain poles don't compromise on style. We offer a variety of designs to complement your existing decor, such as the sleek and contemporary Silent Gliss Metropole. We also offer wooden corded curtain poles for a more traditional finish.

Enhanced Functionality and Hidden Beauty

The discreet cord mechanism on our poles is cleverly concealed within the pole itself, maintaining a clean and elegant aesthetic. This hidden functionality ensures your curtains remain the focal point, while the intuitive cord system offers a seamless user experience.

Hand Crafted in the UK

We’ve hand picked a selection of the best UK suppliers such as Silent Gliss, Hallis Hudson, and Byron & Byron

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