Jones Interiors Estate Minaret Finial Curtain Pole Set in Mercury

Handcrafted in Nottingham, these trendy 48mm wooden poles are designed to mirror the most popular interior decor trends, all hand painted by skilled craftsmen in bold colors that really make a statement.

Supplied as a complete set with pole, cup brackets, and finials. Poles over 300cm will include a joiner and centre bracket.

Delivery: Usually within five working days.

Returns: Can be returned within 14 days.

The pole length is exclusive of finials. For detailed specifications of finials, brackets or rings, please see the manufacturer's brochure which is linked to at the bottom of this page.

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length (excluding finials)
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Column one has the total length of the product, other columns show the number of rings, then number of poles , then number of brackets, then joining pieces included if any.
Brackets and Rings
LengthNumber of ringsNumber of polesNumber of bracketsJoining Pieces
360cm3623 (1 centre bracket)1
480cm4823 (1 centre bracket)1


  1. We've made every effort to present products accurately, but please note that variations may occur due to screen settings, batch shading differences, and photography. Colour samples are available upon request.
  2. Bent, corded, and/or custom-length poles are made-to-order and as such cannot be returned. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like more information about custom products.