Silent Gliss 7610 Metropole Antique Bronze

The 7610 30mm Metropole is our top-selling Silent Gliss pole due to its versatility and adaptability. With fifteen colour options and a variety of finial shapes, it can easily complement any interior design. This product comes as a complete set with the pole, end-caps, and the right number of gliders and brackets for the length you choose.


  • Functional: The appearance of a pole but the ease and usability of a track.
  • Robust: Suitable for medium to heavyweight curtains up to 13kg.
  • Hand Operated: Compatible with curtain draw rods.
  • Made to Measure: Every pole is tailored to your exact specification.
  • Suitable for Wave Curtains: For a beautiful contemporary finish.

Customisation Options

  • Suitable for Bay Windows: Select the required number of bends and we'll contact you for more details.
  • Versatile Installation: Comes with brackets for wall-fixing as standard. Ceiling-fix brackets also available.
  • Glider Options: Choose from standard or wave gliders, and upgrade to roller gliders for heavier curtains.
  • Finials to suit all styles: Opt for the basic end cap, or upgrade for something truly remarkable.

Alternative Metropoles

          Delivery: Usually delivered within 5-7 working days.

          Returns: Silent Gliss products are made to order and cannot be returned unless defective.

          The pole length is exclusive of finials. For detailed specifications of finials, brackets or rings, please see the manufacturer's brochure which is linked to at the bottom of this page.

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          Measurement & bay window instructions
          Glider Type
          About Glider Types


          About Brackets

          Finials (pair)

          About Finials (pair)

          Custom Bends

          About Custom Bends

          Square Smart Fix Upgrade

          About Square Smart Fix Upgrade

          More information


          • The brackets will match the colour of the pole.
          • The number of brackets depends on the length of the pole. The amount supplied will be calculated based on the recommended spacing of one bracket every 600mm.
          • Straight poles with regular gliders are supplied with Smart Fix brackets (11206) which offer a 60mm clearance from the wall. Wave curtains require slightly more clearance from the wall, so if wave gliders are chosen, 100mm Smart Fix brackets (11208) will be supplied.
          • Bent poles are supplied with with Smart Fix adjustable extension brackets (11209).
          • If you choose the ceiling mounting option, the 6151 plate will be supplied.
          • Other brackets are available. Please contact us for further information.


          Supplied with Silent Gliss 2C Gliders (SG 11300) gliders as standard. Standard and Roller gliders will be spaced at 14 gliders per metre. Black poles will include black gliders; all other colours will come with white gliders. Extra gliders are available to purchase in black or white.

          Finials/ End Caps

          2 x 11602 flush end covers are included as standard.

          End Stops

          2 x 6065 end stops are included as standard.


          1. We've made every effort to present products accurately, but please note that variations may occur due to screen settings, batch shading differences, and photography. Colour samples are available upon request.
          2. Bent, corded, and/or custom-length poles are made-to-order and as such cannot be returned. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like more information about custom products.